unlocked Iphone XS Max?

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unlocked Iphone XS Max?

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So I bought an Iphone xs max from USA and brought it NZ to use but it wont activate saying Sim Not Valid?

I asked before buying if it was unlocked and they said it was unlocked.

the message showing is,

"the sim card that you currently have installed in this iphone is from a service provider that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server"

so I guess it is locked?

can you please confirm this?

And if it is a locked iPhone, can it be unlocked at vodafone store? or apple store in NZ?



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Re: unlocked Iphone XS Max?

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It is locked.


It cannot be unlocked by VodafoneNZ. You will need to contact the US carrier which locked the phone.

NOC Engineer | Vodafone NZ
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