setting up iPhone 6 - Apple ID

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setting up iPhone 6 - Apple ID

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My wife got me a newer iPhone for Xmas courtesy of her work - all the management got upgraded phones and offered the iPhone 6s to staff.... so I've got one to replace my old 4s

I've done a backup on iTunes from the 4s to the new 6s so it's all good - when it is plugged into iTunes it comes up as iPhone 8, but wife assures me it is a 6s? - either way I am not complaining as it is a massive upgrade!


Anyway in settings it keeps on coming up with an old apple ID asking for the password - this apple ID was changed ages ago because it had my old Ihug address and it has been updated on the Macbook and wife's 6s iPhone with our gmail address - it was coming up on my old 4s but I just ignored it as i never needed to use the apple account for anything


The problem is I cannot see how to change it on the new phone. i went into vodafone and they changed the sim card over and said changing the apple id was simple - just connect the phone to wifi and do it in settings.... but I can't see where or how to do it?

if I click on iTunes & App store the correct apple ID is showing there, but not in main settings.

the phone also has my wifes name, initials and our old ihug address in settings too and I'd like to change that to my name and update the e-mail address


Can someone please tell me how I can change the apple ID and Name that comes up on the phone?


many thanks

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