most difficult website - uses avoid =ignore=deny = tells customers what to do?? ARE U KIDDING

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most difficult website - uses avoid =ignore=deny = tells customers what to do?? ARE U KIDDING

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I WENT to get my details on my app on my i phone My Vodafone  today and it said I did not know my own number and details  . I wrang the number advised and got someone who I could not understand  - I got text in end and fed in details and got sutff on my phone then this evening could not get anything - tried to reset my details on my lap top instead of muching with phone and wouldnt you know it was told I did not know my number my email address or could not set my pass word  - what astounds my is why did vodafone change this app and then why did your difficult to understand phone worker  not understand what I was saying and tell me I had to do what he wanted - do you not know vodafone that you are offering only a service - there are other services available you do not tell customers what they have to do they ask you to assist them  it is called customer service and part of customer services is having people who speak the same language - I DO KNOW MY PASSWORD I ALSO KNOW MY PHONE NUMBER AND MY EMAIL ADDRESS - IT TURNS OUT YOU HAVE MY DETAILS AS JUST CAME UP ABOVE  so why am I being asked to do more of putting in my own details?? are your security settings failing  - my signal goes in and out and texts very slow also  ?  I AM AGAST at the attitude no wonder the commerce commision pinged for unfair treatment of customers and - more right at yah  - I JUST WANT TO USE MY APP AND PHONE WITHOUT JUMPING THROUGH HOPES AND WASTING MY TIME - SEEMS I CAN INSTANTLY TOP UP  BUT  AM STILL TOLD I AM NOT PUTTING IN MY OWN CORRECT DETAILS>>>>>?? go figure - tomorrow  heading to ONE OF THE OTHER NETWORK SERVERS  - THANKS FOR NOT HELPING 

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