iPhone XR open term

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iPhone XR open term

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To whom it may concern 


I am emailing you about buying the Iphone XR on the Red+lite open term of $59.99 with the phone price of $26.38. 


I have understood that I will pay $86.37 a month for 36 months. however, while I am on this contract, is it possible for me (when I am capable ) to pay more than the price of  $26.38 and be able to pay off the phone while still being on my plan of 59.99?. 


I have read as much of the contract which vodafone has on such plans available online and I have not read or seen any part of the contract which breaches or states that this is not possible. 


I previously have had such plan in the past (when I got my iphone 6s), however. I was told by a closely minded  vodafone customer service worker on Queen street (Auckland ) that such thing is not possible when there was nothing like this on the contract which stated that it was not possible. 


I would really appreciated a throurough explanation on this and would really enjoy continue using vodafone if such an action is possible. 


Thank you

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