iPhone X or IPhone 8 Plus

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iPhone X or IPhone 8 Plus

by francism New Poster
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Hi Team,


Just looking for some feedback, looking at either the IPhone X or IPhone 8 Plus to replace my IPhone 7 that is slowing dying due to being caught in the rain.


What is people thoughts and preferences on each?




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Re: iPhone X or IPhone 8 Plus

by MikeHales Retired Staff
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Hey Francis

I went from 6Plus to iPhone X and I must say I love it. Wondered about the screen real estate but haven't missed it, X's screen is really big and the camera is awesome. The one downside, the price. I love my Apple goodies but 2K for a phone feels a bit rich. Unluckily I'll be switching from my X for a while!

Hope that helps and let us know what you decide.



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