iMessage and SMS sending issues on iPhone XR and 8plus

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iMessage and SMS sending issues on iPhone XR and 8plus

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'ive noticed over the last 2 months my XR occassionally gives me a "sending failed" error when trying to send messages and had to restart the handset to be able to send again.  I thought it was the mobile number format in my address book so I re-entered them all.  Then a random amount iof days later the error was back!  The thing is, I was replying to a conversation already exisited fine!  So a restart, and away we went again.  Last week I was talking to my son and asked why he wasn't replying to my iMessages to his 8+ - after further discussion, he was having the same issues!


Tonight, it happenned to me again


So from what I can gather,,,

1. Happening when sending to Android and iOS devices

2. Not isolated to existing contacts - happened tonight with a nerw number I entered manually

3. Both the XR and 8+ are NZ new running iOS13 on Vodafone


Is this happening to anyone else?

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