USELESS customer service staff in CALL CENTRE!!! - worst experience ever!

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USELESS customer service staff in CALL CENTRE!!! - worst experience ever!

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For the past 2 days! I have been talking to Vodafone call centre regarding a simple question about whether we need to pay off the balance of our iPhone 10 in order to place an order on iPhone 11 pro. Once again, the terrible experience I had with the call centre makes me wonder: what is the POINT of having a Vodafone call centre when: 1, they don't speak proper English I could understand, 2, they don't understand English i speak, 3, they don't solve the problem, instead, all they can do is to transfer me from one staff to another randomly, 4, even a senior staff didn't know what it means to 'keep his words'.

Here's what happened, which I hope Vodafone keeps the phone record as you said on your voice message 'you calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purpose'. All below communications are made from my mobile number <removed>, or my landline <removed>

~ about a week ago, I rang customer service asking about the upgrade of my iPhone from 10 to 11pro. I was connected to Sales team when a guy picked up the call. This guy sounded to me not really fully awake in the morning and took him a few minutes to even pull up my account information. Then, unbelievably, without any explanation, my phone got hang up!

~ second call: I rang back straightaway, got connected to Sales team again. I was asking another guy why I got hang up before and he told me that he didn't know why and couldn't see who was talking to me previously, which I found it a lie! anyways, this guy managed to explain how I could upgrade - 'you need to pay off your balance of your iPhone 10 before you could place an order of interest free for your iPhone 11 pro.' I told him that I will consider it.

~ Thursday, the 3rd Oct, around 11 o'clock. I rang Vodafone Sales team again. I was transferred 3 times to different staff from call centre, within 34 minutes, before I finally talked to a girl that understood what I had to say. the previous 3 staff did not even explain to me why I was going to be transferred but just saying 'I'll transfer you to the right team'. Then this girl told me that she's from Billing team and she didn't know why I was transferred to her! Anyways, I'm pretty sure she's from NZ team and she could understand my request and tried very hard to help me. What she told me was I didn't need to pay off the balance before placing the order for iPhone 11 pro and Vodafone will just add balance to my next bill, which I think is reasonable. She then told me that she would transfer me to the Sales team to complete the order.

~ Then, this guy from Sales team picked up my call - unbelievably - he sounded absolutely inpatient when I was trying to confirm with him how I could place the order without paying off the balance, as I was given two different suggestions previously. I deliberately asked him: could you be a bit more patient with me as I have been on the call for more than 30 mins myself. Then, he said: I'll transfer you to my manager. WOW! what an attitude. and then, instead of transferring me to his manager, he hang up my call AGAIN!

~ I called back Vodafone again - bare this mind, I have spent more than 50 mins on the call with Vodafone call centre on that morning! - I asked the guy from Sales team who picked up my call transfer me straight to his supervisor. A guy called Gaurav, who claimed himself to be the supervisor of Sales Team picked up my call. I described to him the horrible experience I had with the Sales team and raised my request of 'waiving my balance' as I had spent at least two hours of my precious time just trying to confirm a simple question: do I need to pay off my balance first. He told me that he would do investigations to the phone record and call me back as soon as he can.

~ Friday, 4th October, around 5pm, I called back Vodafone to ask if there's any updates. Unbelievably - I was transferred and being asked my personal account information, 4 digit pin code, name, etc. FIVE TIMES!!!!!!! when I just wanted to be transferred to this guy Gaurav, after confirming and leaving a msg to him on that morning for him to call me back, which he obviously did NOT!!!! when I reached the point of hopeless at last with a girl from the call centre after being transferred FIVE TIMES and already spent ONE HOUR on the line, I asked her to transfer me to ANY supervisor from the call centre, she told me that all supervisors are busy and no one could take my call!!!!

Honestly, Vodafone, what kind of service do you think you are providing to your customer?! what kind of call centre staff do you recruit not being able to understand and make themselves understood by customers?! what kind of protocol do you train your staff in call centre to transfer calls, should they at least tell the customer why and who they are transferred to?! what kind of supervisor do you have in your team that are so hard to reach?! what kind of staff in the call centre do you have who can't help customer with their requests but just 'transferring calls' from bill team to sales team and then back to sales team then to customer care team and back to bill team randomly waiting ONE HOUR of my time on the phone?!

I really wish you good luck with your call centre team who should absolutely be dissolved if all they could do is transferring calls!!!!!!!

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Re: USELESS customer service staff in CALL CENTRE!!! - worst experience ever!

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Hi @williamno5266 


Hope you've managed to get this sorted out. However, if not please email us at with the link to this post, your account details as well as your 4 digit account PIN and one of our specialists will be able to take a look into this for you.





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