Spams question

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Spams question

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Hi Ive been texted a couple of spams lately and its worrying because it includes my name number and region.

One was a four digit number and one was a cell number that I called on landline and it is a disfunctional offline number.

So how can it say "From this number" at the top of my screen when it did not come from that number at all?
Isn't this a security weakness at Vodas end?

Surely you can enable reporting so that everytime a dodgy number sends this stuff we can flag it and then the number is disabled?


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Re: Spams question

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How can a fake number send me spam?

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Re: Spams question

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They use a method called Caller ID Spoofing (and probably many other methods as well!!!)

Heres some links that descibes it:


No provider in NZ or anywhere will stop these 100% of the time, They will always fine new ways to annoy the s**t out of people!!


You can block these numbers on your cellphone or get an app from the app store (Google or Apple)


I have statred to use one called WideProtect. Not sure if its on the Goople store for android phones.

This allows me to block numbers using a wildcard entry. For Example I can block numbers that start with 09 525

It also does not require a constant internet connection as some apps require this to check the number against an overseas database of spam numbers. It also allows me to block text message but I havent used this side of it yet.


You should also be able to call Vodafone with these numbers so they can follow up and investigate them.

Thats what I did several months ago. Then I got the WideProtect app on my iPhone and havent been bothered since


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