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Location History

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Location History IPhone 5s. Over the past 4 months or so my google maps timeline shows me going to locations I have never been to. This has destroyed my relationship with my partner and has impacted majorly on my life. My only way I can think to prove I was not at any of these locations is hopefully via Vodafone. I want to know if they can generate a location history for my phone? I phoned customer services and was told no? Please someone tell me she’s wrong and it can be done?
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Re: Location History

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This is not something we store or can generate, but it sounds like another user could be logged into your Google account, which could create logs for places you haven't been yourself.


I'd suggest checking the location information held by your iPhone itself. You can do this by going to Settings, then Privacy, then Location Services, then System Services, then Frequent/Significant locations. This will show you locations you've visited recently, including dates/times. 


You could also check that no one else is logged into your Google account, and revoke any unneeded access, and turn on 2 factor authentication.

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