Iphone8 AT & T P lan

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Iphone8 AT & T P lan

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I am going to be in New Zealand for 5 months.  I have an IPhone 8 on an AT & T Plan.  What do I need to be able to communicate with the USA from New Zealand and not pay a fortune?

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Re: Iphone8 AT & T P lan

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Check with AT&T if the phone is unlocked, if it's unlocked then you can buy a VodafoneNZ SIM Card here (TravelSIM would be good).


If it's not unlocked, ask them to unlock it, or you'll have to use your AT&T connection roaming over here.(Probably very expensive to do that for 5 months).


Or stick to wifi and over the top apps (eg whatsapp / viber / iMessage etc) (Probably not very convenient for 5 months)


So best bet to get handset unlocked by AT&T and buy a VodafoneNZ SIM here.

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