Glitching constantly

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Glitching constantly

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Hi, my iPhone 7 is constantly re-starting and glitching on the white screen with the apple logo. I can’t call or do anything as it’s constantly doing this. I’ve tried factory reset which failed. Is there an email or something I can contact as I have insurance through Vodafone and NEED my phone as it’s the only device available for me 😭😭
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Re: Glitching constantly

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This can sometimes happen and can be due to the phone not connecting to the network properly.



1. Power off the phone

2. Remove the SIM card

3. Power up the phone

Issue resolved? Replace the SIM card

IF the restarts start again, we may need to swap your SIM card for a new one, pop into any store and they'll do that for you.


In the meantime, with the SIM card removed try a hard reset. Press and hold, for at least 20 seconds, the power and volume down buttons. Then try putting in the SIM card again.


Hope that helps.

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