Cancel a plan

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Cancel a plan

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Hello there, 


So couple days ago I tried to cancel my monthly mobile plan as my job shut down due to precautionary measure for covid-19 as instructed from the government. That means I won't be able to afford the plan anymore, and since I'm staying home, there is no use in me continuing with my plan for now. 


I tried to cancel my plan, but on-line, there seem to be no possible methods to do so,

and as I tried to rang, the line keeps telling me you guys are closed, so jump online and resolve the issue.

My plan renewed just today, but I have not used any of it, and I really want to cancel it if it's possible. 


At the moment, I transferred all my money from my spending account so that next time I will not get charged,

but I do not know how to cancel my plan. Someone please help me. 

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Re: Cancel a plan

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Hi @SimonJo 



Please see:



You might have to wait until the lockdown is over with before you can speak to someone to sort this out you could try contacting Vodafone though twitter or facebook.

also are you wanting to change to prepay or to a cheaper plan?

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