Can't activate new phone

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Can't activate new phone

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I have just bought a refurbished iphone 7 from a recommended company.  I live remotely, travelled to Chch yesterday to get it set up on a Vodafone plan.  I spent about 2hrs and at the end of it all they could not get the phone to activate.  It says it needs an update, but the company I brought it from assure customers the phones are up to date.  Itunes can't update the phone and tells me to check the SIM.  No matter what phone I put the SIM in, it shows 'no service', so it doesn't seem to be just the phone.  I can't ring anyone because I have no service, and am a 3hr drive from a store.  Any ideas?  I have emailed tech support at the company I bought it from, but no reply as yet.

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