v2 of Vodafone TV app available for iOS

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Re: v2 of Vodafone TV app available for iOS

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Did I say that?


Clearly content should be geofences preventing people from viewing while out of New Zealand. Restricting downloads to only those with New Zealand AppleIDs is NOT the way to achieve this. In fact, the fact that I have to be a current subscriber of Vodafone NZ to access Vodafone TV means that I have to at least have some presence in NZ.


People with poor understanding of technology, and very limited programming skills will use AppleID location (US Store, NZ Store, etc) as more reliable than IP Geolocation or GPS geofiltering. Every device that can download an app from the Apple App Store (and most from the Google Paly Store) have GPS (whether you allow access or not is another issue), and every device streaming content can have IP Geofencing enabled.


Yes. There are ways around this, but it is a much smaller hole in the security than simply limiting by App Store!


And as mentioned, App Store location makes a difference when you have expats who are not in New Zealand, and are therefore horribly inconvenienced.


In this case, it was as difficult as - create a new AppleID (Irritating). Connect to the App Store with this ID, download the app, log out of this AppleID, log in using my normal AppleID, continue using.


But thanks for playing...

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Re: v2 of Vodafone TV app available for iOS

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@DavidR450 there was no intent to use App/Play stores to lock down users from a geographical prespective. As you point out this is not the right way to achieve that aim. GPS wouldn't be a good solution either given that content access must be managed for STB as well as mobile.


Like many other OTT solutions, geo locking is achieved via dynamic IP whiltelisting on the CDNs.


TBH - the reason this is only in the NZ App/Play stores is simply due to the fact that it only works with NZ Vodafone TV. For ex-pats, I was under the understanding that (Apple) you can change your region to access a different country's app store. For Google I think it's a little more involved as you have to change your address in your account settings. As VTV companion app is a free app I don't think you have to have a credit card registered in that country. I haven't tried it my self but I recall someone I work with testing this via App Store on their phone.

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