tv fast forward rewind

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tv fast forward rewind

by deefa New Poster
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Have just switched to new vodafone tv, as our old t-box died, WHEN is the visual fast forward/rewind function going to be sorted? only had service for less than 1x week and are so frustrated with the set up are allready looking for alternatives that can provide VISUAL f forward/rewind.

Have been tv customer forever...

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Re: tv fast forward rewind

by Frequent Poster GarethCollins Frequent Poster
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It is something they have been working on since the day it came out.  We were promised ourselves that it would be 100% delivered and working in July.  Guess they did not mean July 2019 or they lied.....suprise surprise either which way.


We're in the same boat - got upsold and told it was the best thing since sliced bread, it isn't it is not even half of what a T-Box was.


Best part of it is getting the same prices as Sky for the same product, yet only able to record/watch a fraction of what Sky does.  



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Re: tv fast forward rewind

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It's about time Vodafone gave an honest update on where they are at with this issue.

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