i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

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i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

by MegAndrews Starter Poster
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Well i started this painful journey about a 3 months ago. I had a door knocker from Vodafone one evening sign me up for Fibre + Vodafone TV with all the trimmings (sky sport, soho, movies) as it was cheaper than the Vodafone ADSL + Sky Sport package we were already on. This set in motion a rigmoral of issues such as the door knocker not passing on our signed contract, delays in getting a plan together, incorrect charges on our bill, Chorus telling us different appointment times to Vodafone, technical issues in setting up Vodafone TV and everything else in between.


We *finally* became connected last week and everything was going smoothly until lastnight i tried to record a programme on Bravo.


I kept getting an error message saying 'cannot record programme' so while i waited on hold with Vodafone tech support for AN HOUR my partner googled and trawled through this forum and i gave up waiting for Vodafone to answer just before 10pm after being told for the 40th time "thanks for waiting, one of our technical staff will be with you shortly".


So basically we are now WORSE off than we were with the regular Vodafone internet plus Sky set up where i could record anything i liked at any time. Now if only i can just get bloody though and cancel this awful awful plan - can any recommend a different set up?


p.s. whats the point in being given Neon free for a year if you cant watch it on Vodafone TV???

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Re: i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

by LisaMarieSpence Starter Poster
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Not sure if you saw my thread as well.

Similar issues. I'm still waiting on them to disconnect it and free us from this beta version
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Re: i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

by MegAndrews Starter Poster
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Hi LisaMarie yes i did see your post and i only wish i had prior to agreeing to this nightmare.


I spoke to VF tech yesterday and was gobsmacked to recieve an almost snarky comment from call centre when the staff member was reading out the email she was sending to retention "customer SURPRISED that recording was not available on her favourite channels..." i asked had many others cancelled the VF TV service and she replied "not really, but we did anticipate our customers would do more due diligence about what was available before signing up..." !!! 


There was no explanation as to why i was able to record on Bravo last week when i had VF internet at Sky decoder now this week i have Sky on my VF TV and suddenly i cant record - im really not sure how this has anything to do with licensing issues? As to the lack of recording on 1, 2, 3 - again this makes no sense. If you have a tv with recording capability then why is this feature not available on the VF TV set up?


I was then suggested to "just watch 1, 2, 3 on demand" but i notice that a) not every single programme is available on demand and; b) there is no app on VF TV for on deman for 1 and 2 meaning, again, the TV box is useless because i have to then watch on demand on my phone.


ALSO my vodafone TV app doesnt work when im not logged into the fibre at home so i cant catch up unless im in my house where the VF TV is anyway... it SUCKS!

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Re: i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

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by LisaMarieSpence Starter Poster
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I wonder if its the same woman i got from the retention team before i signed up. i had waited several days for a reply to my Facebook message and decided to ring to find out what deal they could over that matched what new customers got (pressy card + 3 months free internet) with what was the full basic sky tv package + sport, i believe that is now sky starter, entertainment and sport. I was told "go look online all the information is there, then give us a call back when you have decided". I had been warned by a friend who was at the time working for VF, but had handed their resignation in, that the VF TV was pretty much in beta mode, but will get better, however cant record all shows/channels and to double check with retention when i called, which i did, to get a snarky answer of "whoever you were talking to is uneducated and is wrong" .... LADY YOU ARE WRONG is all i would like to tell her, so if any staff are able to see who it was i spoke to on Wednesday 13th June around 7-8pm, make sure she becomes educated and more informed about the products, oh and tell her that there is no option of a package on your webpage for Starter + Entertainment (AKA BASIC) + sport ..... unless i got the PREMIUM deal of everything including SOHO and MOVIES, so again she was wrong. 

As for the "away" viewing. My TV box mustve gone on standby while we were out and suddenly stopped streaming while we were at the after hours GP and i was trying to entertain the kids with some kids TV seeing as there were no books, age appropriate toys and the one TV had a "boring adult tv show on about houses" 


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Re: i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

by BruceCondliffe New Poster
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I have had Vodafone TV for 4 nights now. Worked all last night now this is the 3rd noght out of the 4 that it failed to connect toserver. Yet despite re booting everything and checking net speed on my note book (91Mps)placed 1 metre from th TV, indicates a severe malfunction with this Vodafone TV

I have spent  1hour  7 mins and 29 seconds on their customer support line at prime viewing time last saturday night---thinking I have to ditch this as it obviusly is not a fit for purpose product / service.....waiting for a response now !!!!!!!!!!

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Re: i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

by PerryBraiden Starter Poster
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The new VF box is a complete farce - we were conned also into giving up our Telstra/Vodafone STB and promised it was heaps can watch 3 days back etc.


What we have found is:


You cannot fast forward with pictures (annoying) and they have promised a fix for many many months, with an upgrade a while back to address it breaking their product further.


You cannot record on HGTV, Duke, Choice AT ALL - and on many channels you cannot records a LOT of things over the whole of the free and SKY channels.


If you have two decoders previously you now get one size limit, which is a fraction of the size of the two you used to have.


You have random reboots at least once a day (our bedroom one rebooted eight times so far this evening!)


You constantly get error/not connected to internet messages


You cannot change the time it starts/stops recording a show, and a LOT of the time it chops the show.


It will only store stuff from anywhere from 3 days to a year but you don't know how long it will store it in each instance.


It has no "screensaver" mode so if you fall asleep or pause, it will just stay on that one picture, not good for your tv!


Many shows you cannot watch over the last three days as promised.


If you accidentally push series record and it is on series record aleady it then immediately removes everything you recorded in the series (AND DOES NOT EVEN TELL YOU IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY SET TO RECORD!!!)


There are dozens more faults, too many to list.


Essentially, what idiot(s) at VFNZ decided to put out a new product to replace the original set top boxes and that new product doesn't even do half the stuff Telstra had on their STB nearly 15 years or more ago!!!!  I expected it to build on that platform's good points, not take them all away and throw up a half assed version that is inferior in almost ever aspect.


It is garbage, just garbage and if you ask you will never get the fixes sorted, just vague answers about maybe sometime never.


Stay well away from it!!!

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Re: i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

by Regular Poster G571 Regular Poster
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Hi, I agree with almost allyou have said in this post, there are many issues, Ive had VFTV for a few months now & only realised about a month ago that you can tell when something is already scheduled to record. When you go into the TV guide/planner & if the programme is able to be recorded it has a 'R' logo with a dotted line around it. If you have it scheduled or you decide to record it the dotted line chnages to a solid line, which means its already set to record, took me ages to notice this but does help.

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Re: i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hi all, 


I apologise for the delays responding to your posts. 


With Vodafone TV, there are some recording restrictions due to licensing issues. For more information on recording capabilities, please see: 


In future, there should be firmware updates in which recording capabilities will be increased. 





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Re: i've been duped - dont sign up for Vodafone TV!!

by LisaMarieSpence Starter Poster
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Over getting emails about this now. You guys were terrible to deal with ! 

my "ultra fast fibre x BB" that was meant to be up to 900mbps only ever hit 700-800 once and that was hardwired. 
On average it was 200-300 so roughly a 3rd of the speed i paid for "oh you will never get max speeds of what you pay for its what it could be capable of" so i was told... 

In the end i was "let go"... i was free ! 

I signed up to 2degrees fibre. 100mbps deal for $85, minus $10 for my phone being with them... AND thy upgraded me without me asking to 200mbps .... Oh and i got a $200 signing up credit..... oh and best of all, on wifi i get at least 3/4's of what i am paying for speedwise, later at night or "quiter" times of the day i get over my 200mbps ! 

vodafone hold a monopoly of phone, internet and tv but there is much better things out there ! do not be affraid to change from these guys ! 2degrees speed test 29 3 19 2pm.jpg

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