dgital recorder not recording

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dgital recorder not recording

by Tim3 Starter Poster
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Our vodafone digital

recorder has started not"recording certain programmes. It announces "failed"on the menu. The 'Information'  feature sumarises the programme and then announces "Recording interrupted due to the channel no longer being available". at the end of the summary. Other recordings from the same channel - 'Vibe' and  a sports channel, recording cricket - have also failed. The channels in question are very much 'available in real time.  This has only started happening over the past week. Thanks for any help in this matter


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Re: dgital recorder not recording

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Hi Tim, 


I apologise for the delays getting back to you on this query. 


Just confirming, are you using the old Vodafone TV (previously known as the T-Box) or the new Vodafone TV? 





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