black screen since update

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Re: black screen since update

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Just as a quick note, the issue of the Vodafone tv box not saving the resolution settings was never resolved and continues to happen every couple of days (ie I save the resolution at 720p but it reverts back to 1080p and the screen flickers as a result). I am just living with it at this point and changing the settings as required. Seems crazy that this can’t be resolved.
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Re: black screen since update

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Hi Guys,

The issue on my 4K Samsung QLD has been resolved by Grant. I have gone 2 days now with no problem.You will see Grant has replied to posts in this Forum and he has requested you contact him through private message from this forum.He was great. Had to change a couple of settings specific to my tv.



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Re: black screen since update

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Has any one found a solution to this yet? I have just plugged the Vodafone TV into my Samsung 4K TV and having the same problem with a black screen every day
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