Worst customer service experience I've ever encountered

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Worst customer service experience I've ever encountered

by jaimzm Starter Poster
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I've also sent the below in a Facebook message to Vodafone, but posting here with the hope that someone will see this and respond (because they haven't anywhere else). I literally have no idea what's going on with my order.


Hi, I’m absolutely fuming with Vodafone at the moment. I ordered Vodafone TV (I already had a fibre connection) on March 30th, and I’ve got an email on that date outlining this. I was told it would take 3-5 business days. Since then, through various conversations with Vodafone representatives, I’ve been told at various times (but in this order):

- It’ll take another few days.

- The order has been cancelled.

- It’ll take 2-4 weeks.

- There is no order at all.

- The order is expedited and it’ll be sent ‘tomorrow’ and I’ll receive it by Saturday 4th May (I actually believed this one!)

- The order has been cancelled.

And finally – yesterday I spoke to someone who has informed me there’s no order placed at all. She gave me a number to call (0800863288), I was bounced around three different people, then put on hold while “someone checked something”, then after about 20 minutes waiting, diverted back to an automated menu. I am frustrated, I’ve been on the phone for hours, bounced around various teams, and am none the wiser. I’ve been lied to, misled, fobbed off, and I’m over it. And I STILL don’t know what the status of my order is, any nobody is being even remotely helpful. I’m well aware there’s a migration going on, that doesn’t excuse the lying, the misinformation, the fobbing off. This has been the single worst customer service experience I’ve ever had – by a LONG shot. I want someone who can actually help me to call me ASAP please. My phone number is ##########. My account numbers are ######### and ######## (apparently one of these is being folded into the other, while that’s great, I don’t believe it’s happened yet).

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Re: Worst customer service experience I've ever encountered

by Staff TheresaMalloy Staff
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Hi There,


Hopefully your issue has been resolved but if it has not please do send me your account number and I will try to have a look.


My apologies this has been an issue it definitely shouldn't be working this way.




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Re: Worst customer service experience I've ever encountered

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Hi Theresa,


Not fully resolved yet - I've sent you a message with account number and details.




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Re: Worst customer service experience I've ever encountered

by ChrisSkilton New Poster
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I've also had the misfortune of experiencing ineffective vodafone customer service recently. My story started in March when my internet abruptly stopped working.

I rang Vodafone that same evening and eventually spoke to someone who told me not to worry, it would come back on within a few hours. Okay so went to bed, next morning and still no internet. Partner works from home so she wasn't able to do half of what she needed. I rang Vodafone again from work and eventually I was passed onto someone who told me that ADSL had been decommissioned in my street. Effectively I had been disconnected with no advanced warning (apparently I should have been sent an email but I searched everywhere including gmails spam folder and there was never any email). I was thinking that's a mighty screw up but I'd always found vodafone service good so I didn't kick up a stink. I also figured (rather naively it turns out) that vodafone would look after me because I've been a customer forever.

The only "solution" was to offer a 100Gb data credit to any vodafone mobile I wanted. The problem was my partner needed the internet and she has a 2 degrees mobile. I couldn't leave my phone at home because I use it for work. I asked if I could get a modem from a vodafone store or something and was told no. I then asked if they expected me to pay for the home internet connection fees whilst I had no home internet and was told "unfortunately - yes". At this point I'm starting to wonder whether I misheard them. "But I don't have internet, it's been cutoff without any warning" restating the problem. I was then told that was due to Chorus, not Vodafone... at this point I'm not sure what else to say and eventually end that call still not understanding why I was expected to wear the cost of a service that wasn't being supplied. The frustration level is gradually building.

The next day I tried to speak to someone at vodafone who might appreciate my decades of loyalty. So when the options came up on automated answering system I pressed the number for Sales. They quickly got me back to feeling valued once again and reassured me they'd get the adsl replacement fibre install expedited. A couple of days later I got an email with a courier tracking number and two or three days after that a modem arrived by courier.

Fibre installation took about six weeks which was its own saga thanks to "right of way" issues. And by this stage I realise Vodafone has not communicated what plan Im on now. Again I search emails, there are invoices, emails for vodafone rewards, etc but nothing regarding the fibre plan. The My Vodafone android app didn't clarify anything, nor did signing into my vodafone online. Anyway I distinctly remembered the Sales person on the phone telling me that it wouldn't cost me anymore than I was paying so I figured the next invoice would tell me. But the next invoice arrived and it still had the adsl plan on it.

Another week or so goes by and I get another courier tracking code email. Huh... what could this be. I look online and I see that fibre plans come with a vodafone tv stb. So I figured it must be that. Three or four days later the box arrives and it has 2x vodafone tv stb's? I'm pretty sure it was only one free unit so I figure Id better double check what's going on.

I ring vodafone ask about the vodafone tv delivery and find out what plan/package I'm on. I explained the adsl drama, that I had to get fibre expedited, and that I wasnt sure what plan I now had because I'd never been sent anything with plan details via email or been able to find out the plan online. I was transferred (20mins on hold) to another department. They proceeded to explain to me that the prior adsl+skytv bundle had been replaced with a fibre100+vodafoneTV plan. "Umm okay. How much is that each month?" I ask innocently. Here's where it gets weird. He couldn't tell me the cost. I ask again a little , what's my monthly charge now? He can't tell me.
I have had enough of hold music so I decide to pop into a vodafone store to get them to tell me. The team at the store were great and genuinely trying to help but guess what... they couldn't tell me what my bill would be either. And after 30mins or so of us looking at my account in the computer system I left with the understanding that someone from the "retention" team would call me back to get to the bottom of it. The Retention team... sounds like I'm finally getting some priority attention. Great!

Then I had a call from the vodafone retention team. They presented as at best patronising and at worst surly. They informed me they'd have to get their colleague, who "signed me up", to call me to tell me what they'd provisioned as she couldn't tell me. I'm still waiting for that call but I'm exhausted, and am left wondering if that's the new vodafone customer service strategy? Wear them out and eventually they'll stop asking questions.

I'm not sure when things changed. Vodafone was great. Something within the last year or thereabouts seems to have seriously impacted the quality and effectiveness of the customer service. To be clear, I'm only referring to a drop in customer service and communication. The technical end of the service hasn't degraded as far as I'm concerned.

What I'm referring to is simply robust communication, automated or otherwise. Surely an account plan change should trigger an automated email? And most disappointing and I'd hope a concern of vodafone leadership is the ineffective telephone support. There is a point when it's better to not offer telephone support at all, than it is to offer that support when it further frustrates and alienates loyal customers.
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