We have some Vodafone TV issues and want to find out how to fix

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We have some Vodafone TV issues and want to find out how to fix

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We have some Vodafone TV issues and want to find out how to modify preferences.

Eg. Layout, font, font size, thumbnail sizes.


When fast forwarding we are unable to see progress of the recorded programme.

We are also unable to

- record some free programmes. Not sure why.

- Skip pages up or down in the programme menu. Old Vodafone tv system used the green and red buttons on the remote. - See date of prog recorded

- is there an alternative list view to the thumbnails?

- Can you use a bluetooth querty keyboard?


We'd appreciate any advice.

Vodafone help channels are almost impossible to connect to by phone, online chat, email or ninjas.

Vodafone instruction on videos and website are very basic and patronising.

A call centre person in India promised to phone me back to help me at a specific time but I've given up waiting.


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Re: We have some Vodafone TV issues and want to find out how to fix

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I don't believe you will get a fast reponse, if any from VF on here, so, here is what we understand to be the answer to some of your questions:


You can't, that we can figure, modify your layout at all.  


You also cannot view your recorded content in any order like A-Z, or Z-A, etc, like the old T-Box.


You can use the "fast forward" arrows left and right in the TV guide area, but not the recorded content area and in the TV guide area that will allow you to go forward a day at a time or back a day at a time.


Not sure re: keyboard.


Visual Fast Forward - they tried to give that option in the past, about eight months ago and it broke a few things.  They advised me:  Our current plan is for a new visual fast forward feature to be delivered in June.  This remains our highest priority new feature.


We are nearly at the end of June, so I guess that is not going to be true.


Recording shows - You can't record whole channels and many many shows and that will not likely change much in the near future.  Those shows you cannot record are ones you also will not be able to view "back in time", so must watch them live, or not at all.  One thing - some shows you can record on some channels, if they show on other channels you cannot.  For example, NCIS LA is on Three and Five at the moment, and both channels were playing series one recently.  You can record it on 5 not is terribly frustrating to say the least!



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