VodafoneTV box

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VodafoneTV box

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Hi there.
I have been reading regarding issues with the stb that Vodafone provides and I have one of these myself.

For me I’m on VDSL service and that’s the fastest service I can get at the gate and my download speed is under 35mbps and upload speed is around 10mbps. I have the latest ultra hub modem router supplied by VF.
My tv box like all the boxes is connected by Ethernet but it is connected to another router which is a Linksys AC2600 in the lounge. The ultra hub is in a different part of the house and of course it is connected by Ethernet cable.

I think my thoughts are wifi booster / extenders are waste of time and give anyone a bad headache when you are having issues with your tv box. Yes it’s not the PERFECT solution to use comparing to the OLD sky box or the new Freeview box that dish tv has just released but for myself it works perfectly. It has it advantages and disadvantages but I like it and it works well on my network setup that I have.

Going back to what I said regarding wifi extenders, I think you lose speed at times between the extenders and if you cannot or unable put the extenders in the correct places around you home because power points are not there it makes it tricky.

But I feel routers are way more efficient as a wifi sender than using wifi extenders doing the same job.

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Re: VodafoneTV box

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Just a quick note that the Wi-Fi extenders are specifically designed to support TV over Wi-Fi. I've used both the extenders and currently an Ethernet cable, either worked very well but then my house is quite small and pretty much had line of sight between modem and Extender.





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