Vodafone tv

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Vodafone tv

by dougnz New Poster
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Hello All


I have just had the misfortune of changing to vodafone TV. This all started because someone phoned my wife and said that it is easy and will be better and cheaper, sounds good on the phone!!


I installed the set top box and WIFI extenders on Saturday, ( I used to be a SKY tech, I'm ok at this stuff). It took a long time for the extenders to pair. Literally hours, during this time I was on the phone to vodafone support. The girl on the phone tried to talk me through it, she told me nothing that was not in the brief instructions that came with the equipment. She continually had to ask her supervisor of help. We turned everything on and off numerous times, and then suddenly it worked. However we had no volume comtrol from the remote. The girl said she would phone me back in a few minutes, have never heard from her!!


That was Saturday, on Sunday we tried to watch TV and it just droped out, then came back on about an hour later, we gave up.


On Monday it would not work at all. I phoned vodafone support, told them to get someone here to fix it. Apparaently the Chorus guys don't want to come. I have never known a chorus guy to come in under two weeks anyway. If vodafone is going to phone people up and tell them that they have a better system, they need to have better service than chorus.


I spent two hours on the phone with another support person and her supervisor, we did a lot of turning things on and off again. This process actually made it worse, the remote even stopped speaking to the set top box, the supervisor seemed mystified!! Eventually they said that I have faulty equipment, how observant!. I told them to put mew equipment on a courier and get it to me the next day. Apparently this is too hard, it takes 2-3 days to get something accross town, I even offered to go and pick up a new unit, not allowed to do that either. It is now Thursday and I still have to TV but I am learning to read books.


My experience so far has shown me that the backup is incompetant, the equipment is faulty and Vodafone know didly squat about customer service. If I don't have new equipment tomorrow I am pulling the plug on y home vodafone contracts and also for my business.




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Re: Vodafone tv

by MurrayProffitt New Poster
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I share your pain. We signed up from theold Vodafone TV service but now feel we were mislead.


Once your system is up and running you will be overjoyed to learn that the functionality is not only lacking, it is downright stingy and, to add insult to injury, it is poorly implemented has a remote that is only slitghtl;y better than using a finger. 


While the old Vodafone service was a bit dated and clunky, it was Rolls Royce compared to the woefully inept system that has been foisted on us as an "upgrade".


Having looked at these forums, it seems Vodafone will not be doing anything about it, so we will be moving on from all the services [sic] Vodafobne currently supply to us via a trip to a Commerce Commission.

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Re: Vodafone tv

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Hi @dougnz - sorry to hear you've had a bit of a dfficult time. We'd like to get someone to get in touch with you. Are you able to please click on my name and send me a private message with your customer account information and contact details so I can arrange this? Thanks!

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