Vodafone tv

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Vodafone tv

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  • Chorus have installed our vodafone box, but it is still not working.  There is no signal coming up.  Chorus have said that Vodafone are responsible for the error.  Below is Chorus’ email
  • According to our records, we can see that your ONT is live, and should have a working connection. If it doesn’t, it sounds like there is a fault somewhere in your connection.


    This fault could be occurring in a variety of places; in the physical line to your address, in your jack points or modem, or it could even be caused by something in your broadband service providers’ back-end.


    In order to determine the cause of the fault, the typical process is to try troubleshooting with your fibre service provider. Once completed, if they can rule out their network and your equipment as the cause, and believe it lies with Chorus, they will ask us to send out a technician to fix it.


    The Chorus technician must be requested by your ISP, so the next step to resolve this is to contact your service provider. Please give them a call, and if they cannot fix the disconnections themselves, we will send out a technician once they log a fault with us.

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Re: Vodafone tv

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Thanks for your post, have you checked with us via calling 0800 438 448? We can quickly run a line check from our end and ensure services are set up properly etc.



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