Vodafone tv recording

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Vodafone tv recording

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Programmes that I have set to record have failed, sometime 3 or 4 on the same night.

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Re: Vodafone tv recording

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I'm getting the same problem where programmes are not recorded when scheduled or an individual programme is set to record, same day of day before.


Othertimes, I'm also getting programmes recorded, which are different from what is shown in the thumbnail/description of the programme I want to record; where the programme recorded is not the actual scheduled programme. This is happening across multiple channels, and appears to be inconsistent in how often this is happening.


Re-booting the TV device, a full power off or an unplug and power on does not fix this. I have also tried with full power off on Ultra Hub as well.


Not fixed.


A Self Diagnosis on the TV device shows "No Issues with Service."



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Re: Vodafone tv recording

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Hi everyone, this doesn't sound like normal behaviour - I've asked around and it seems as if there may be an issue with your device if this is happening regularly. Best bet would be to log a fault with our support team, and they will arrange a box swop if neccessary! Sorry I can't be of more help.

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