Vodafone tv constantly freezes and speech mismatch

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Vodafone tv constantly freezes and speech mismatch

by Chezzie Starter Poster
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We have Vodafone fibre with VodafoneTV/sky.  Lately the picture keeps freezing or pixelates.  Sometimes we seem to have speech mismatch where the words don't match picture.  We have reset Vodafone box many times, reset Vodafone hub but nothing appears to fix.  Our tv is brand new and this has just started happening.  Any suggestions for a fix.  Is our Vodafone TV failing.  Many thanks Cheryl 

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Re: Vodafone tv constantly freezes and speech mismatch

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by paulm2 New Poster
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We have the same issue during the day and more so after 5pm or later at night. Have to constantly restart the Vodafone TV and the screen just goes black or the speech is out of sync and picture freezes and then goes completely alltogether. We have Enable Fire broadband and thought this was supposed to be better than FibreX but am finding the more devices also that go on the worst it gets all round. My son cannot play his nintendo switch without it affecting Vodafone TV, he is wirelessly connecting also, and the vodafone tv is cabled to the box and into the wall.

Getting beyond a joke at how frustrating it is to have good reliable broadband and TV. I am begining to wonder if its hardware (Vodafone TV box) which lkooked like it was second hand when it arrived (and its the 2nd one we have had!)already replaced once, or the Fibre connection is rubbish. Not having the experience I thought I would be paying good money for monthly thats for sure. Tried the Vodsafone help on the phone waste of time, tell you to connect using ethernet cable when iots already cabled, then reconnect over and over. reset IP and seettings,  then turn everything off, unbplug at wall and turn back on. No difference still doesn't fix it from happening after you have just hung up fro them. So frustrating that this technology doesn't work as promoted or promised to be perfectly honest. 


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Re: Vodafone tv constantly freezes and speech mismatch

by ChrisSkilton Starter Poster
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Same here. Any one heard from VF on this? Their media streaming infrastucture is clearly overwhelmed.

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Re: Vodafone tv constantly freezes and speech mismatch

by Frequent Poster Rooney Frequent Poster
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Dam thought my tv was blowing up ,i was getting ready to convince the missus that we needed a bigger newer one

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