Vodafone TV

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Vodafone TV

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Phoned their 0800 800 021 call centre...reported further ongoing dropout problems 4 times in one night. Sick of missing segments of viewing. When talking with Tech guy working from home somewhere with a poor line!!!  the phone call dropped, would be funny in other circumstances. They did call back and tech guy said he would escalate it and someone would be back in contact within 24 hours, now into the 4th day and no contact. sure glad I got the issue escalated

Each time these dropouts occur I do an immediate speed test on my fibre service --downloads 70+mbps so doubt its an internet issue. Seriously looking now at other providers providing improved range and reliable products

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Re: Vodafone TV

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@BruceCondliffe  is connection to VodafoneTV over Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

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