Vodafone TV

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Vodafone TV

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Hi all, I will now be up to my 12th Vodafone TV box. Who can beat that many. It seems every time I get a problem I phone the so called ninja’s they do a reset at there end and nothing still no fault repaired just a new box sent out to me. Plus I have two boxes for another room once one go’s wrong the other follows I just don’t get it......All my issues seem to be internet issues, I can’t say it’s my end because everything else at home works computer printers apps on tvs it just seems to be the box throws it’s toys out of its pram and has enough, plus I use Vodafone as my internet provider so I can’t even say it’s a fault with a different provider, I never had this issue with sky box or free view. Why oh why they cannot make this box wireless than Ethernet. Anyone else replaced so many ??????

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Re: Vodafone TV

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Im onto my 3rd box and also my first Gen2 box I had to pay for myself. I have spent $5,000 on various fixes they recommended over the phone. New cables, new boxes, new routers, new WAP points and lots of AV tech labour. 


I have bought a wifi power socket and power cycle the vodafone box every night and ad hoc when it fails which is daily. 


All other internet devices work fine in the house... 

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