Vodafone TV - what no wifi capability?

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Vodafone TV - what no wifi capability?

by Matt71 Starter Poster
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This is astonishing. Does the tv box work with a USB WiFi dongle, or only with Ethernet? Surely Vodafone haven’t provided me with a box that I then need to run a cable through the house to make it work? Or do they free of charge provide a wifi/Ethernet extender?

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Re: Vodafone TV - what no wifi capability?

by KenBerry Starter Poster
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I don't know whether a wifi dongle will work with the box. But essentially it is an ethernet box. But they provide two wifi extenders with the package, and free of charge. This worked well in my case, as my modem is literally at the other end of the house to the TV and needed the boost. I got a good signal and clear image on TV most of the time, but still got the same sorts of dropouts and lost connections that many others complain about here -- usually about one a night.

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