Vodafone TV username and password

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Vodafone TV username and password

by RogerCruse78 Starter Poster
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I got my Vodafone TV a couple of days ago. 


I quickly installed the device and started to use it. True, its a little different from the MySky box that I'm familar with.


I then tried to install the phone app version on my andriod phone, but hit a small problem. 


I've manage to lock my username and password. And each time I try to use the 'forgotten password'  function to reset the password,  I get the 'Max retries reached. Account temporarily locked for 30 mins. Pleae try after sometime'


This also means, I can't  access my account using the MyVodfone webpage either.


So, unless someone can tell me if there is a way to unlock my account, I'll need to phone Customer Care and ask them to release my username and password.


I then wondered:

  1. How does the Vodafone TV device carry on working with a locked account
  2. How does the Vodafone TV device even know my username and password

Does anyone know?????


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Re: Vodafone TV username and password

by johnr Retired Staff
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Call Vodafone customer service and ask them to unlock your account
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