Vodafone TV update from Hamish Sansom, Head of Vodafone TV

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Re: Vodafone TV update from Hamish Sansom, Head of Vodafone TV

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Still getting the daily dropout of service each night between 6pm and 7pm. Very frustrating and now the last couple of days have been getting it around 3pm in the afternoon as well. I have to power down the unit and modem and restart both to get the vodafone tv working again. Today that didn't even work the first time and had to power down again. I notice that I get messages on the screen that my internet connection is down then a message say box connected. This does not always fix the problem when box connected as sometimes the unit freezes on the intro screen requiring another shut down. 

When this box is working its a geat product but the bugs in it are really annoying especially as they seem to happen in prime time viewing.

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Re: Vodafone TV update f

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Thanks to all those people you commented on my plight with the TV upgrade.  I have rolled back to the old system, the problems continued and were actually getting worse and I could no longer bare it.  I am very happy with the old tried and trusted system.  Good luck all


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