Vodafone TV topbox

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Vodafone TV topbox

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In February I signed up for the new Vodafone TV topbox, I received the new top box and wifi extenders and installed them per the instructions given, I really liked the format and all was great for a couple of weeks and then the picture freezing started, this was in early April, I managed to talk to a tv guru at VF and he ran me through the reset procedure which takes about 5 minutes, he assured me that it wouldnt happen again but fortunately I had memorised the reset data because within a day it froze again and kept doing it every day for a month, in this time I was logging these events on VF facebook messenger and finally they decided to give me a new top box. The new top box was great for two weeks and then of course started freezing again, last Saturday was the nail in the coffin when it froze 4 times in one day. The last message I got from VF was to plug decoder directly into modem to eliminate wifi extenders being the problem, I cannot do this because of room layout. Alas because of these issues going on for the last four months I am going to have to go back to a Sky decoder unless someone can convince me catagorically that my problems with VF top box are over, Andy  

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