Vodafone TV is deleting our old recordings

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Vodafone TV is deleting our old recordings

by GlenBiddick New Poster
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We have had Vodafone TV since December 2017 and recorded a number of programmes and movies from then.  Some of these recordings we protected as well. However, we have noticed recordings “disappearing” from our recorded programmes list. 


Looking today we can only go back as far as March for recorded programmes, meaning our December, January and February recordings have all disappeared. 


Can someone from Vodafone please explain why these recordings are being deleted without notifying us. 

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Re: Vodafone TV is deleting our old recordings

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Hi Glen, thanks for your question. 


Apologies if the deletion of your recordings came as a surprise to you and for any inconvenience or disruption to your viewing plans that may have caused.


Recordings on Vodafone TV are retained for a limited time.  One reason for this is that we only have the right to retain a copy in the cloud for a period specified by the content owner.  The expiry date can be seen within the programme synopsis 10 days prior to the retention right expiring.  We understand this is only useful if you are checking the synopsis regularly, so we're working to have this displayed at all times as soon as possible.


Another reason programmes may be deleted is related to capacity management.  Due to high demand, we have on occasion deleted some titles in advance of the rights expiry date.  When we do this, we select the programmes that are closest to expiring.  We are exploring solutions to this so that all programmes can be retained until the content expiry date. 


Protected recordings are subject to the same content expiry dates as all titles, but will be protected from deletion in the event you reach or exceed your 200 hour storage limit.  So, the protected programmes you’ve noticed have been deleted may have been due to either license expiry or capacity management.  Going forward, we are working to ensure protected programmes will be excluded from any capacity management-related deletions and will be saved until their expiry date. 

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