Vodafone TV flakey connections - SC402 and SC401 errors

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Vodafone TV flakey connections - SC402 and SC401 errors

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After struggling for months with vitually daily freezing. Vodafone finally "upgraded" their software on 12 Nov 2018.


Now virtually every day we encounter mini internet connectivity drop offs. This occurs more frequently when simply changing the channel up or down.


We often see SC401 and SC402 errors displayed at the top of the screen. We either have mini blackouts or we have to restart VTV from the remote.


In the last hour we have had at least 15 blackouts.


Vodafone please lift your game and get serious about fixing your own sustandard software.


If you really did work your developers non-stop as per this quote from your own email ("Our team of engineers have worked 7 days a week on the solution" ) then I'm not sure what is worse:

  • your developers lack the skills to do the job 
  • Vodafone is an abusive employer who tires their emploees out and gives them very little hope of being fresh enough to fix anything.




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Re: Vodafone TV flakey connections - SC402 and SC401 errors

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I share your pains my friend , same issues and poor service response. Virtually given up tonight as it’s been black screening every 10 mins or so
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