Vodafone TV crock of ....

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Vodafone TV crock of ....

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I'm not a happy camper. I've been sold a lemon.


Dazzled by saving a few dollars and the attractiveness of a small set top box, I agreed to migrate to VTV with the recent offer made after the divorce of VFNZ and Sky. More fool me.


With the promise of a 3-day rewind, I excitedly showed my wife how we could rewind several hours on any given channel. Even if we hadn't been watching it. I showed her CNN, Fox News, TV1,2 and 3, all three appeared to work as promised.


Fast forward 3 days and it's become a pipe dream. The best I can hope for now, is a rewind to the start of a program. Most cases it's between 2 and 15 minutes, regardless of the channel. If it's a movie, it's doesn't even get that *.


James Bond : Spectre is on tonight, we missed the start by 15 minutes. Unable to rewind or record. Wife says "but we can catch it up on Three Plus and record it there" we can't....and no we cant'. Can't record/rewind a movie AND THERE'S NO PLUS CHANNELS!     You can imagine the earful I copped.


* The disclaimer to the 3 day recording: "Recording and 3 Day Rewind available on 90% of content. Recordings are stored for a limited time".


I've been sold a crock. I think it's time to review all options, including reverting to SkyTV, paying their premium and getting cheaper broadband elsewhere to balance things out. Along with Netflix and Neon I have all the 'on demand' apps for NZ content on my phone, to be watched through my Chromecast.

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Re: Vodafone TV crock of ....

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Oh how I understand your feelings.


We too, gave up Sky and migrated over to Vodafone TV yesterday - A BIG MISTAKE!!!


Several of the TV programmes that we follow, we are unable to record, because of something called "content partner restrictions.."


I now learn that I am unable to watch any TV on my PC. At least with Sky and SparkSport, I was able to do so.


Vodafone really need to get their act together rather than just grab our $$$$$$ with their bull**bleep** sales promotion talk.


I wonder if Vodafone will have the decency to reply?



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Re: Vodafone TV crock of ....

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Pretty sure these jokers have given up on even supporting the bloody thing !
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Re: Vodafone TV crock of ....

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*Given up on support people soapboxing..... 

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