Vodafone TV constantly dropping out

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Vodafone TV constantly dropping out

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I bought a Vodafone TV box for my parents for Xmas.  They're in the granny flat attached to our house, so I've also purchased Google Wifi connected to Orcon fibre hardwired into our lounge, with a mesh network to extend the signal thoughout the house.


When SKY and internet are working fine in the house (and in their house too), their Vodafone TV is freezing and dropping out. At first I ignored it and just kept telling mum to reboot the box. But now she's texting me every time it happens, and it's happening multiple times during the day - even when there's nobody else at home.  


We have moved the Google wifi boxes all over the place to get the strongest signal (100% currently), but what else can I try?! They're getting a bit fed up with the Vodafone TV...

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Re: Vodafone TV constantly dropping out

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Are you able to connect the stb via ethernet port on the google wifi? You will also need to change the network connection in the settings menu. The device doesn't auto switch to ethernet when its plugged in.
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