Vodafone TV box Freezes at night

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Vodafone TV box Freezes at night

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Can any body please HELP!

My vodafone tv box is freezing everyday after mid night.

the only way for me to get it working " by unpluging  the power".

I have reported this issue many time but vodafone NZ seems to have no solution what so ever.

They always asked me to reset the Ultra Hub and the tv box but issues remain same.


Can anybody advise me on this pls?


Much Appreciated 






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Re: Vodafone TV box Freezes at night

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We have the same issue with our box freezing at night time - just had it crap out part way through watching a movie, then a black screen for 20 minutes, still on hold to talk to someone at VF - I have better things to do than spend my life with a black screen and constant error messages and disrupted tv viewings.  


The old STB's were awesome.  This is a piece of junk.  Do you also get SA0005 error message or "cannot connect to internet" when this happens or various other meaningless error messages?  I mean meaningless because you ring VF and if you are lucky are 20 minutes on hold (whilst thinking of the glossy brochure we all got sent saying we promie to answer your phone call in 2 mins or less!!! yeah RIGHT!) abd when you do get through to a VF ninja you always get the one with the white belt who has done three minutes training to be a ninja and has no clue but vague answers?


I guess we should be thankful it is one box so far tonight - usually we lose our box in bedroom and also lounge AND our internet all at the same time.


Quality product this new scam box for sure!





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Re: Vodafone TV box Freezes at night

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My current hold time is 45 min Smiley Happy

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