Vodafone TV black screen

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Vodafone TV black screen

by DeanMcMillan Starter Poster
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Hi Vodafone (or a representative thereof),


Can I please get some support for my next new issue?  My Vodafone TV box randomly goes to a black screen whilst watching.  The only way to fix it appears to power off and power on the box.


If this happened once in a blue moon I wouldn't mind but it happens probably 5 times a night now.  If it can't be remedied I'll take it back to Noel Leeming where I bought it and get a refund.  But hopefully it can be sorted out by someone.... Please????


Really, at this point it's not fit for purpose.



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Re: Vodafone TV black screen

by Regular Poster AndrewCooper1 Regular Poster
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I have other issues but also get this once in a while, maybe once a week. 


I solved it! I bought a wifi power socket, and set it to power cycle the vodafone box every night. And ad hoc as it fails. 

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