Vodafone TV and watchespn

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Vodafone TV and watchespn

by Jimmy1 New Poster
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Since I got my new Vodafone TV, I can't log into the watchespn service (formerly Espn 3) via Sky go anymore. Is there a way to access the watchespn service as a Vodafone customer? It would be pretty annoying if this is now only reserved for actual sky customers, even though I get sky sports through Vodafone. There's no way to access it through the Vodafone tv app by the looks of things. Are there any plans to restore this functionality to Vodafone customers?


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Re: Vodafone TV and watchespn

by hestia Starter Poster
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2 weeks and counting on this customers straightforward question...
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Re: Vodafone TV and watchespn

by chch_mike Starter Poster
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Hey Jimmy, I don't know for sure but I would say its very likely Watch ESPN is only for Sky customers, as SKY Go also is.

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Re: Vodafone TV and watchespn

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Hi Jimmy, 


I'm really sorry for the delays getting back to you. 


Watch ESPN is only available on SKY GO. We haven't heard any news regarding having this added to the Vodafone TV app, but I have passed your feedback on. 





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