Vodafone TV & Wifi options

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Re: Vodafone TV & Wifi options

by geogeo Starter Poster
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Thanks for the prompt answer. Izve also plugged mine into the VF router as a temporary fix. I'll need to go to Netgear site to find the instructions to turn it into an AP as they only supply installation via the app now.
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Re: Vodafone TV & Wifi options

by BenChapman Starter Poster
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I ended up getting the RBK23 pack and couldnt be happier.


I have ditched my Vodafone router compleltey and the Orbi is plugged directly into the ONT


I followed these intruxtions:

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Re: Vodafone TV & Wifi options

by Contributor AaronSmithson76 Contributor
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Thanks Ben.

But for me. Since I have home phone with Vodafone, that is the only reason why I kept their ultra home hub router.


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Re: Vodafone TV & Wifi options

by BenAlton Starter Poster
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Hey team, Just got the orbi 50 and with help from a friend got it all set up, very happy with the ability to have all our wireless devices on the network at once. When I put my Vodafone tvbox decoder thing on, it says service unavailable, I can ee the planner and the guide, but no images or sound. can anyone help?

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Re: Vodafone TV & Wifi options

by Staff grantt Staff
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This sounds like a T-Box message... not VTV.  Can you please confirm which STB you have?




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Re: Vodafone TV & Wifi options

by RogerCruse78 Starter Poster
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I have a Vodafone Ultra Hub Plus and Google Wifi working together.


The Vodafone device is connected using an ethernet cables to the fibre ONT device and the first Google Wifi device.


Please Note: The wifi component on the Vodafone device has been disabled. 


This first Google device is then connected to a switch (so I can plug in other ethernet devices such as printer, desktops, etc) with two long ethernet cables running to each of the other Google devices (with their own switch devices) positioned around the house.


The long cables between the Google devices means I can better cover my home.


I then connect further ethernet devices using the closest switch and also use the excellent Wifi coverage.




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Re: Vodafone TV & Wifi options

by Regular Contributor JamRam Regular Contributor
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@RogerCruse78 the wifi extenders have to be in bridge mode to work with ethernet connected STB unfortunately. 


If you use Google Mesh you can connect the STB to the second ethernet port but if they are co-located with switches maybe plug the STB straight into the switch instead?

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