Vodafone TV & Wifi - for Minor dwelling

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Vodafone TV & Wifi - for Minor dwelling

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Hi there,


I have 2 properties in Kingsland on Second Ave on one site total of 460 Sq metres of land- main house is on front and at the back I have a granny flat minor dwelling.


The front main house has Vodafones ultra fibre broadband. I am moving into the front house in May and will rent the back granny flat  out and am happy to share the unlimited ultra fibre broadband with the granny flat. the distance between front house and granny flat is approx 15 metres and is clear ground/ lawn between them.


I have been reading about wifi boosters  and extenders  etc, wanted to know please whct would I need in the granny flat inorder to share unlimited ultra fibre braodband from the front house. The granny flat will need access to internet / wifi and TV and to be able to play TV channels independent of the front house ?


Please advise what would be my solution ?



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