Vodafone TV Retail Box Now Available

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Vodafone TV Retail Box Now Available

by Frequent Poster tehoro Frequent Poster
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It looks like the retail box is now available for $179 via . This will work with any ISP.


I hope it performs better than my existing box, which regularly starts up with either a pink or green screen, and needs a power cycle to fix it.


I presume this retail box has the new firmware in it.  Can someone from Vodafone please comment on when the new firmware will be available for existing Vodafone TV boxes?  Thanks.


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Re: Vodafone TV Retail Box Now Available

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Yes, large numbers of disgruntled users have been lumbered with a box that has issues up the wazoo with hardly any support from Vodafone when things go wrong - usually after an hour plus on hold!


Paris finally admitted this lovely box was a "beta product", it is obviously not fit for purpose and existing customers were unfortunate guinea pigs of an ongoing debacle.


One would have expected a professional honest company to have either a)  Offerred to swap ALL boxes out with the new ones and its added 300 hours of extra storage per unit (plus compensation), or b) Ensured any existing customers had "firmware" or whatever updated as a first priorty.  


That should be BEFORE bypassing those poor souls and offering it to joe public.  Just really another kick in the guts for those who have had to put up with a fault ridden product.


Be interested to see if anyone from Vodafone will bother shedding light on this and whether one of the two options above are happening and if not, why not!

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Re: Vodafone TV Retail Box Now Available

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Well said!

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