Vodafone TV NZ Guide

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Vodafone TV NZ Guide

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The Team here at Vodafone have identified a couple of frequently asked questions for Vodafone TV. Here are a few Pro Tips on how to get the best out of your TV experience.



  1. What are the channels numbers for my favourite Programmes?

To familiarise yourself with our channel numbering go to  Channel Numbers - Vodafone TV

Once you know the programme number then use the number pad to type directly in the remote and go straight to watch the Live content.



  1. Even better did you know that you can access ‘3 Day Catch-up’ for a lot of your favourite programmes.

Once you have selected your favourite programme from the TV Guide use the navigation keys on the remote (dots on either side of the OK button)  to select the episode you would like to watch.

To understand which programmes can use 3 Day Catch-up go to What are the TV Icons?



  1. Got some other questions?

 Use the links below to see what other Vodafone TV customers are sharing

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Re: Vodafone TV NZ Guide

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Thanks Hamish


Was wondering about the icons.  Your link to the Channel Numbers needs to be updated though. 




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Re: Vodafone TV NZ Guide

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Thanks @Topes 


The channel numbers changed late last year.  Vodafone TV channel numbers now align with Freeview and Sky channels (eg Sky Sport 1 is channel 51).  


The page referenced in this original post by @HamishA had the old Vodafone TV channel numbers (Sky Sport 1 was channel 201) and so we retired that page.  We'll update this post to reflect the new channels asap.


Thanks again.


Hamish Sansom

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