Vodafone TV Gen2 issues & quirks

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Re: Vodafone TV Gen2 issues & quirks

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@Ijd24 wrote:

I have an issue where the box powers on but no picture, sometimes sound, have to unplug and restart pretty much every time. Box works fine once started. 

I had this issue with mine. Sent it back for a refund.

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Re: Vodafone TV Gen2 issues & quirks

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@ljd24 I’ll round up any/all known issues and any other related information and post in this forum. If any resolution times are known I’ll include that too.
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Re: Vodafone TV Gen2 issues & quirks

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Hi all,


To all Vodafone Community members with VTV Gen2,




You are invited to Beta test our latest firmware (version 57.11). 




This latest version supposedly resolves the following issues that affect some users:


1) STB not coming out of standby (solid red light on STB requiring a power cycle)


2) Black Screen issue (sound but no picture)


3) Wi-Fi issues


New addition: scrubber (visual FF/RW) has been enabled in a pre-release form.  



If you have a Gen2 box, and would like to join a group to Beta test 57.11, then please DM me with the email address you registered your Gen2 with (or mobile number if you prefer).  Note that recordings etc won't be affected. 


Note: Gen1 users will get a similar offer to test a Gen 1 version of 57.11 in the coming days.







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