Vodafone TV Gen2 Dolby Atmos

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Vodafone TV Gen2 Dolby Atmos

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I have just purchased a Dolby Atmos capable soundbar and would like to know, does the VodafoneTV Gen2 box support Dolby Atmos audio output, particularly in Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime?


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Re: Vodafone TV Gen2 Dolby Atmos

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It def passes Atmos from Netflix

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Re: Vodafone TV Gen2 Dolby Atmos

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I know this is late.. But yes it does.. I have a Samsung Q90R sound bar, I have to have the VTV plugged directly into it though as my TV was only passing through 5.1.
You also need to make sure DOLBY DIGITAL is set in the menu on the VTV, and it only works over 1080p or 4K. Also the volume controls on the VTV remote won't work if you are watching anything that is not 2 chennel stereo audio.
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