Vodafone TV Connecting to Wi-Fi

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Vodafone TV Connecting to Wi-Fi

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Vodafone TV requires 5GHz Wi-Fi (most fibre providers supply equipment that supports 5GHz Wi-Fi).   When connecting your Vodafone TV to Wi-Fi, ensure you select your Wi-Fi SSID that uses 5GHz (often the SSID will include word “5GHz” or something like this). If you do not see this option then enabling 5GHz or changing the Wi-Fi channel is required. Please refer your providers’ link below.


Vodafone -


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Re: Vodafone TV Connecting to Wi-Fi

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I bought a Vodafone TV box for my family for Christmas and am going mad trying to get it to connect to the wifi.  We have broadband (supplied by Vodafone) that is definitely 5GHz Wi-Fi.  It is working perfectly fine for all our devices, including our smart TV which is 2 walls and about 25 metres away from the modem.  But the brand new, Vodafone TV box which is about 5 metres away from the modem, in the very next room, is saying that it cannot connect to the internet.


Surely a product like Vodafone TV, which has been so widely marketed as being a great solution for 2019 TV-watching tastes, has only these options: connect by an ethernet cable (yawn... that's so 2005) or move your modem so that it's right next to your Vodafone TV box (this is not physically possible in my house).


Am I missing something?



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Re: Vodafone TV Connecting to Wi-Fi

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VTV should definitely be able to connect to your router, normally it can connect from a distance of 25m+ just like your other devices.   If you're still not connected then please PM me with your account details I can see what's going on.



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