Vodafone TV Box to be Retailed

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Vodafone TV Box to be Retailed

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I see that as of September Vodafone plans on selling their Vodafone TV box for $179, from Vodafone online, plus retail stores. It will be able to be used through other ISPs and not just Vodafone,


I'd like to think that the broader availability of the box (I think the retail version is a new generation) will mean that Vodafone finally has to address the numerous problems on the current box, as reported on this forum.   For example, I continue to be plagued by having a green or pink screen on startup, and last week all my recordings disappeared, only to magically reappear the next day.

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Re: Vodafone TV Box to be Retailed

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They haven't done it for their own customers.  Why would you expect them to do it for others?

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