VFTV Works well for me

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VFTV Works well for me

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Plenty of negative comments on here about VFTV, but I'd just like to say it works well for me as I'm sure it does for many others.


Its still early days and theres plenty that can be worked on and improved (and I believe it is?), but certainly its been nothing but fantastic for me. I've had plenty of experience with IPTV and internet set top boxes and believe its an excellent interface. 


The changeover to Vodafone was somewhat painful, as I expected it to be, but it hasn't skipped a beat since its all been sorted.


I had my doubts when signing up but I'm pleased to say I'm very happy! Never thought I'd say that with Vodafone!



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Re: VFTV Works well for me

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Thanks for the feedback, glad you're enjoying it.


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Re: VFTV Works well for me

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Ive been with vf for a while i have fibrex cable and vftv.. i just had fibre layed to the house dont cost me anything..i will stay with the cable .. i have more now than i ever did before and vf conyine to improve the service it can only get better.. its your choice as a customer to change providers .. but in the end its all the same content .. no matter where you get it from .. and the days are gone time yo move into the 21st cent ..dont get behind ..
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