VFTV Frustrations

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VFTV Frustrations

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Well we've had VFTV for about a month now, overall fairly happy with the product apart from pretty much the same issues that everyone else seems to be having, except the losing connection isuue, mines been having no issues at all staying connected and has a great picture quality. 

Biggest frustrations are things that need to be fixed asap otherwise I too will probably go back to the reliable mysky box though,


1, Fast forwarding, I know everyone has moaned about it but come on it's just not acceptable & needs fixing now

2, Recording, you've got to have everything available to record soon, the amount of times the wife & family moan about it, it's not becoming worth it!

3, Watching on another screen, I was totally sucked in by the sales person the the phone, I asked specfically can I watch VFTV on another TV away from home, the answer "of course you can", well that turns out to be totally false, you cant do that & what you can watch you have to view on your mobile phone & some things you have to be connected to your home Wifi, again riduclous, who wants to watch tv or sports on their mobile phone when you have a tv screen right there. Why cant it be like netflix and have a casting feature with a limit of 1 or 2 devices? That cant be too hard!

4, Lastly I posted about this before but had no reply, after having paid extra for the 'Bein sports channels' turns out I cant watch them away from the home wifi network either, another major frustration.


So I dont think these are big things that cant be fixed but they need fixing asap, I too feel like we are paying a premium price for a half finished product, I reckon we should all be discounted until the major issues are fixed properly.



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