Update on some issues

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Update on some issues

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Could you provide an update around the following the issues that have been with the VFTV box since the beginning;


1) Recording and Catch up on some channels and some programmes. There are still some channels that cannot be recorded and, even more fustrating, there are some programmes that cannot be recorded or cannot be 'caught up' once they have played. Note that not all programmes are available on the free to air apps so effectively if you dont watch them live they are gone


2) The rewind and fast forward functions not showing where you are on the programme. I am not not sure how many times I have skipped 20 seconds but the button on the remote may wear out soon.


3) Some programmes cannot be restarted when they are playing


4) For those programmes that can be restarted, they stop proir to getting to the end and so you have to go back to the guide and start the show again. When this is coupled with the fast forward 'feature' it makes for guess work as to whre you are up to, but not in fun way.



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