Unsupported HDMI

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Unsupported HDMI

by esugrue New Poster
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I am in Australia and I know Vodafone TV here is a poor cousin to the NZ version. However, I have just purchased one to basically replace my Xiaomi Mi Box.


When I plug in the HDMI cable my TV shows HDMI UNSUPPORTED and then the screen goes blank.


The first time I plugged it in I got a Vodafone splash screen for a few seconds before the TV showed the error.


It is an old Palsonic TV (2007) and is only 720p, however the Mi Box did/does work OK.


I don't want to mess with the TV settings too much (as the MiBox works I hope the settings are OK), and maybe VTV just isn't going to work.


I tried both the invluded HDMI cable as well as the HDMI cable I was using with the Mi Box.


Os there a hope of it working, and if so any ideas (tried 2 cables); and if not, then at least I know!




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Re: Unsupported HDMI

by Staff grantt Staff
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Hi  @esugrue


We are not familar with the Vodafone Australia TV set top box and it would be best to contact them directly.


It could be several things such as a response that the set top box isn't expecting, lack of support of HDCP or any else.  We would only be guessing.


Sorry, not much help. Best contact Vodafone AU for assistance.





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Re: Unsupported HDMI

by hadleigh Starter Poster
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Re: Unsupported HDMI

by Frequent Poster Laurence1979 Frequent Poster
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All you need is an hdmi switch or splitter they sell for about $15-20. I had the exact same issue when I first bought Vodafone tv, no HDCP support for the tv.
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